Frontier, Allegiant airline pilots threaten strike

Frontier, Allegiant airline pilots threaten strike

airline strike
Alarmed by the lack of information from the White House on what was discussed in talks earlier this week between President Donald Trump and Russian leader Vladimir Putin, lawmakers in both parties on Thursday demanded that the Trump Administration detail what exactly was agreed to by Mr.
Trump in his talks in Helsinki, Finland. “We have got to find out what the Russian Ambassador was finding out yesterday, when he said that important agreements were reached, ” said Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ). “We shouldn’t be just guessing based on the statements of the Russian Ambassador, or based on the reports of what we hear in the media, ” said Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE). .

“What are they hiding?” Senate Democratic Leader Charles Schumer added on the Senate floor. “What are they afraid of?” At a briefing in Moscow on Wednesday, the Russian Ambassador to the U.S., Anatoly Antonov, said that no ‘secret deals’ were made in the Trump-Putin meeting – but then, Antonov said in a television interview later in the day that, ‘important verbal agreements were made.’ “The meeting was important, intense, constructive and productive, ” Antonov was quoted by the Russian TV network RT. But with no joint statement from the two leaders after the Trump-Putin meeting, and no rundown of exactly what was discussed, lawmakers felt they were being left in the dark. Those expressions of concern on Capitol Hill came as other arms of the federal government made clear they were also did not know details of any Trump-Putin agreements as well. At the Pentagon, reporters spoke via video conference with CENTCOM Commander, Gen. .

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