Here’s why you need to stop worrying about vacation weight gain

Here’s why you need to stop worrying about vacation weight gain

Vacation we Joe Raedle/Getty Images Lots of people worry about gaining weight while on vacation. But it's good to remember that weight is not the only indicator of good health. Registered dietitian Emily Fonnesbeck told INSIDER that weight naturally fluctuates all the time, and that a short period of indulgent eating won't make a drastic difference in your weight. She also said enjoying your vacation, relaxing about your food choices, and connecting with your traveling companions is just as good for health.
Reality weight loss shows, diet advertisements, and Instagram before-and-afters continually bombard us with different versions of the same misguided message: Weight loss by any means (even unhealthy ones) is cause for celebration, and weight gain is something to be feared at all costs. So it's not too surprising that many people are nervous about gaining weight when they go on vacation and find themselves surrounded by calorie-dense treats they wouldn't encounter at home. The internet is awash with tips on how to avoid vacation weight gain — and how to lose any weight gained once you get home. But registered dietitian Emily Fonnesbeck told INSIDER that vacation weight gain — if it happens at all — isn't really ....

Second, it's good to remember that weight loss is not inherently good and that weight gain is not inherently bad. Sometimes people lose weight because they're sick, and gain it because they're getting well. Even if you do gain weight on vacation, it won't necessarily make you less healthy. Your weight doesn't tell the whole story of your health. 2. It's normal for weight to fluctuate. Your weight is changing all the time. Ian Walton/Getty Images "Weight fluctuates naturally from day to day from week to week from year to year and to try to control that — it really just causes distress more than being helpful, " Fonnesbeck said. Your weight can fluctuate more than five pounds in a single day because of natural functions like sweating, breathing, peeing, eating, and drinking. .

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