Ryanair braces against looming strike impact

Ryanair braces against looming strike impact

traffic controler strike
agenda: brian careyJuly 8 2018, 12:01am,  The Sunday Times Brian Carey Will Ryanair suffer from its looming summer of industrial discontent? It already is. The biggest dent to the airline’s revenues this summer will be caused by the perennially striking French air traffic controllers, not by its own pilots or cabin crew. Ryanair axed 1, 100 flights in June due to air traffic controller strikes, affecting 210, 000 passengers. That was on top of 600 flights cancelled in May.Any self-inflicted wounds will not cut as deep. Ryanair will work its way around its looming in-house stoppages.
The real poser is what type of airline will emerge from the ultimate settlement of the rash of industrial disputes — planned, threatened or postponed.There is a curious balance of power within the confines of a Boeing 767. .

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