Summer of travel disruption looms

Summer of travel disruption looms

traffic controler strike
July 10, 2018Ryanair faces pilots’ strike this week and later action by cabin and ground staffThousands of Ryanair’s Irish passengers face delays and knock-on disruption if the airline’s Dublin-based pilots go ahead with a planned 24-hour strike.The airline responded by saying that passengers on its Irish routes account for less than 7 per cent of its total, meaning 93 per cent of its passengers would be unaffected. But later this month cabin crew and ground staff at its European hubs in mainland Europe are also planning to strike, threatening significantly more disruption across hubs in Spain, Italy, Portugal and Belgium.Against that is the continuing threat of industrial action by French air traffic controllers and by their Spanish counterparts.About 120 members of the Irish Air Line Pilots’ Association (Ialpa) are due to stop work for 24 hours because of a long-running dispute over seniority. Ryanair says it invited IALPA to meet at its headquarters in Swords, north Dublin, on 20 separate occasions since January but it has repeatedly turned down the invitation, requesting a neutral venue for which it is even prepared to pay.Relations soured even further last week following the publication of an internal memo in which Ryanair’s “chief people ....

Photo:Leon Farrell/RollingNews.ieThe union balloted its Ryanair members and 94 of the 95 votes returned favoured strike: “The only pilots that will be going on strike are the directly employed pilots; they are the only ones we balloted, so we do have a mandate from that group of employees…we have a mandate because we got a 99 per cent return on that vote.”The dispute centres around the lack of a seniority agreement that would indicate why pilots are based at a certain location. The union also wants a system to show when an opportunity for transfer is approaching.
There are further issues around pay and annual leave.Ryanair cabin crews in Italy, Spain, Belgium and Portugal also intend to strike this month over several demands.Ryanair, and other airlines, has already been hit by air traffic control strikes in Europe that left more than 210, 000 passengers facing flight cancellations last month. It said more than 1, 100 flights were cancelled for the second month running due to air traffic control strikes over four weekends in June, as well as staff shortages in the UK, Germany and France.It has been reported that if negotiations do take place they will be with the company’s ....

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