Why I Always Take a Between-Jobs Vacation

Why I Always Take a Between-Jobs Vacation

“Who’s down for another round of margs and guac?” my friend and former co-worker asked the table as he polished off the last crumbles of tortilla chips. “Annie, you’re obviously in, right?” You’d think I would’ve been obviously in, as we were out celebrating my last day on the job, and I’m not one to turn down a happy hour special. But actually, I passed on the promise of more delicious dunks—for good reason. “Dude, I can’t have more than one margarita tonight. I’m going to Nicaragua in, like, five hours, and I still have to go home and pack!” Yep, that’s right. Just hours after I handed in my company laptop and posted my last #workviews Instagram, I hopped on a plane to Nicaragua with my fiancé for a week of rest, relaxation, and reflection before I dove into my next gig. I know how lucky I am to be able to do this—not only to take a week off of work entirely, without a paycheck, but also to be able to use that week to travel somewhere for a restful vacation. .

And luckier still to (for the most part) have something, whether it's a new job or a freelance gig, to come back to afterward. But because travel is so important to my wellbeing, and because I've been very fortunate to have the opportunities and resources to make it a reality, the in-between-jobs trip is a perk I afford myself every time I move from one thing to the next in my career. It’s become an invaluable way for me to pause and reflect on my accomplishments and prepare myself for what comes next. A vacation between the end of one job and the start of a new one can do things for you that a regular week off from work can’t. “What makes transition vacations arguably more effective than regular ones is that you really are truly disengaged, ” vocational psychologist Bryan Dik, Ph.D., cofounder of JobZology, a site that matches professionals with meaningful work, tells SELF. “You have this opportunity to be doing something totally different than what you’d ordinarily be doing without even wondering how the meeting or whatever else is going in your absence, ” he continues. Many of us are guilty of going on vacation vowing ....

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